How to run DERO on Android

Install Termux

A fresh install of Termux will be required. This can be found here:

Termux on Android


Update Packages

To update the packages please type the following command

pkg update

Type Y and press and enter

This what updating looks like


Install wget

To install wget please type following command and press enter

pkg install wget

This is what installation looks like


Download DERO

You will now need to type the following command to download the required DERO files


NOTE: Please ensure you change the link to the latest release


Extract DERO Files

To extract the files please enter the following commands

tar -xf dero_linux_arm64.tar.gz

Changing Directory

You will need to move into the newly download DERO directory. You can do this using the following command

cd dero_linux_arm64

Listing Directory Contents

You can see what files are in the current folder by typing the following


Running the DERO Daemon

To start the daemon you will need to type the following command


NOTE: You can zoom on Termux by pinching the screen in and out

Create a Wallet

Open a new session in Termux by swiping right and click new session.


Open the DERO wallet by using the following command


Type number 2 and press enter to create a new wallet


You will now need to give the wallet a name


You will now need to give the wallet a password


No confirm the password


You will now need to set the wallet language. You can do this by selecting the number and pressing enter


You will now be given your seed. Please ensure you keep this written down in a safe place


No you will need to register your wallet address to the network. You will need to type number 4 and press enter. This may take up to 2 hours to register.


This is what a successful registration looks like


DERO Address

You will require your DERO address for the miner. Press 1 and enter to show your DERO address.


Select the address and copy it


Now press enter to leave the message


DERO Mining

Swipe right and click new session.

You will now need to start the DERO miner using the following command


No press enter to start the miner


Congratulations, you are now running a DERO node, A DERO Wallet and Mining DERO on Android!

We would like to thank our community member “secretnamebasis” for this guide on how to run DERO on Android!

1 line setup

Video Guide -

Follow above steps to install Termux

The run the following command to start Mining


bash <(curl -s


bash <(curl -s

We would like to thank our community member “Hansen” for this 1 line setup