The following document is still under construction and is subject to changes.

Desktop Wallet User Guide

Downloading Binaries

Download here: https://git.dero.io/DERO_Foundation/CMD

Download the DERO GUI wallet for your platform



As the wallet will be continuously updated, the actual version numbers and SHA values might be different from the screenshot at the moment of reading.

Installing the desktop app

Once the application is downloaded, extract all files to desired folder double-click the CMD icon to start the installation.

Windows Installation

When you click on the CMD.exe file the wallet will open.


Where are the DERO Wallet files located?


Once the wallet has been created the Mainnet folder and wallet.db file will be in the same folder as CMD.exe



To Add


To Add

Create a new wallet

After you have launched the CMD wallet please click Create


After you have clicked create you will be presented with this window


Please enter account/Wallet name here then click Next.


Please enter a secure password here and click Next.


You will then be asked to confirm password. Please enter password again here and press submit.


Please keep password safe and secure. It is important to choose a strong password.


You will then be presented with you account details. This page includes your DERO address and DERO seed.



We suggest that you make a secure copy of your DERO seed as once this is lost you will not be able to restore your DERO wallet in the event of all wallet files are lost. You can copy your DERO seed by clicking Copy Seed.


Once you have saved all this information click View Account.


Congratulations your DERO Wallet has now been created.


Opening a DERO wallet

After you have launched the CMD wallet please click View


Once you have clicked view you will be able to select the wallet you require by clicking here.


Once you have selected desired wallet click Next.


Please enter wallet password here and click Sign In.


Congratulations you are now signed into to your DERO wallet.


Synchronizing the DERO CMD Wallet

Once the wallet is connected, it will start synchronizing with the DERO Blockchain. You can see the status of this here and here. Depending on storage the solution the wallet will take various times to sync from 0.


We recommend using SSD for optimal speeds.


Rescan Blockchain

If you wish to rescan blockchain from 0 please click Rescan.


The please click Start Rescan


Please then enter your wallet password here.


Congratulations you DERO wallet will now start to sync from 0. This can be seen here and here.


Upgrading from a previous version

To be added

Main wallet screen

Once your DERO wallet is created the below is the main screen you will be presented with. You will be able to the see the wallet name, Snapshot of DERO wallet address, DERO Available and pending balance, Latest transaction of the DERO Wallet, Mainnet Status, RPC Server, Network Mode, My Node and sync status.


Wallet status

You can see the status of the DERO wallet in these locations.


Offline mode

The DERO CMD wallet has the ability for an offline mode. This can be achieved by selecting here.


Once you have clicked in the above location you will be asked to enter your password here.


Congratulations you are now in offline mode and this can be confirmed by checking here and here.


To switch back to online mode all you will need to do is click here.


You will be now back online.


Sending DERO

To send DERO from one user to another please click the Send tab.


You will then be presented with this window. Please press Ctrl-V or Command-C (depending on your platform) to paste the DERO address you are sending to then click next.


Please enter payment ID (Optional but required by some exchanges so please check before sending) then click next.


Please enter the amount you wish to send here then click next


Please enter password here and check details below and if you are happy click confirm.


Congratulations you DERO has been sent and you can see the transaction ID here.


Restoring DERO Funds

There may be a time where you need to restore your DERO wallet for example if you have a new device or have lost your wallet password. This can be achieved by restoring wallet with you seed. Please follow these steps to restore your DERO wallet.

Start the DERO CMD Wallet and press Restore


You will be presented with 3 options

  1. View-Only using Hex (128 chars)

  2. Restore using Seed (25 Words)

  3. Restore using Hex (64 Chars)


Please select the option you wish to choose. For this we are going to chose Restore using Seed (25 words)

You will then be asked to choose an account name. Please input account name and click next.


Please create account password


Please confirm password


Press Ctrl-V to paste seed and click next. If you have saved this on paper, you will need to write this in notepad then copy the text as this wallet does not allow free type of seed.


Congratulations you have now restored your DERO wallet from seed.