Mining DERO (Stargate)

Downloading Miner

Download here:

Download the latest binaries for your platform



As the Binaries will be continuously updated, the actual version numbers might be different from the screenshot at the moment of reading.

Install Miner


Right Click in the location where you wish to save the miner and create new folder


Using 7zip or similar extract latest binaries to the folder you created


Running Miner


You will require DERO Daemon to also be running to be able to mine unless using –daemon-rpc-address=<> The miner will connect to daemon RPC on this port.

To run DERO miner type CMD into the search bar. This will then open the command prompt box


You will then need to type dero-miner-windows-amd64.exe –wallet-address=(Insert DERO address) –mining-threads=(Number of mining threads)


Congratulations you are now mining DERO